House Rules





NO SCI/FI STUFF If it looks or feels from the future it is out.

KNOW your class I may not know all the intricacies to your class.  However spending time looking up rather or not you can do something is not ideal.  I am going to make a note and take your word on it.  I will look it up later.

Rules- I will make the best calls I can, in the moment.  If you can link to me the exact place it states that I should do something differently, I will change or at the least acknowledge i am doing it differently.  I will not however slow down or pause the session for one of us to go hunting for a ruling. 

Skills-We will be using the background skill rules.

Traits-Characters start with two traits, and a third if you take a drawback. Traits&Drawbacks

Feats- Feats can be adjusted during any long rest for your first level in game.  I know how bad it sucks to think you are going to try something new, and something new sucks.

Crafting/Professions-Crafting and professions are done by the day vs by the week. It is also possible to craft trophies or to craft trophies into your weapons and armor.  (i know that homebrew is by definition "3rd party"….. whatever)

Haggling- If you want to haggle with merchants in the trade chat and I am around, I am all about it.  You can get breakdowns of gear and materials if 1 you are buying in bulk or buying multiple items 2 you have some form of renown in an area 3 if you want to roll a bluff, charisma, diplomacy, intimidation, or sense motive checks.  (I can trust your dice or you can trust mine, either way. I wont cheat you I am pulling for the players ya'll are my heroes.)

Renown- Everyone will keep track of their characters fame or infamy in each of the settlements and organizations.  As great deeds are accomplished you can increase or decrease your renown with the people.  At break points you will receive gifts, discounts or special requests.  There are gestures that can be made to help increase renown: donating money, showing off, throwing a party when you succeed, telling a good lie when you fail, taking trophies.

Last Will and Testament-  A "Will" can be purchased at the Bank of Chicanery and in the event or your untimely demise they will ensure it is delivered to the proper authorities.  When you die you can pass on your assets from one settlement to your next character. This will role play as a letter you have written to the replacement and to standing town government.  The letter praises the ability of your replacement. Your "replacement" will get all property, renown, items and funds that you have at one settlement and half the renown for all Organizations.  No money or items in the Bank of Chicanery will be passed on.

Favor- Favor is a system of rewards to players for participation in sessions and for "strong role play".  Favor can be exchanged for a variety of niceties made available within a session or in some cases in between sessions.

Monologue-  The monologue will be used throughout gameplay to give players an opportunity to give insights into what their character thinks, feels or remembers.  Monologues are done in character and as though no one hears them.  The inner dialogue of a character, if you will.  Players can ask for a monologue during a session or can volunteer when I ask for a volunteer.  Monologues are always in character and can range from the meandering walk down memory lane to insightful thoughts on other characters or events in the storyline.  I will not require that anyone undertakes a monologue, however, I will reward those that undertake them with "favor" and/or boons. 

There is room for more house rules.


House Rules

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