Discord will be used for voice chat in leu of roll20 voice.  We will also be utilizing the Discord chat channels.  Chat channels will be used for communication and roleplay between sessions.  Each player will need to download the Discord App for their pc at https://discordapp.com/


There will be two voice channels Chicanery and General. 

Chicanery will be dedicated to Roleplaying Used for sessions or in character roleplay that may come up from time to time throughout the week. 

General is there for those that desire to just sit and BS about life, video games, all the things that randomly come up.


Chat channels will be used for the roleplaying that we don't need to do via voice i.e. setting up for our next session, buying and selling, crafting or working in your off time, and some personal pursuits.  We will also be using it for game discussions OOC as well as communication concerning schedules.

Local- this is chat "free for all" whatever you feel the need to chat about that has nothing to do with the game

Chicanery-this is the channel used for IC roleplaying between players and between PCs and NPCs.

Trade-This channel will be used for all the buying, selling, crafting amd work that you may want to do in between sessions.

Meta- this is the channel for OOC discussions about the campaign, more so for after action and advice, rather then actually metagaming the plot.


-Push to talk is not a recommendation its a requirement.  No one wants to hear the background noise of your house.

-Keep the Side Bar to a minimum.  There are times while we are on break or what have you feel free to talk about work or that new video game or the finer differences between 3.5 and pathfinder.  But while everyone is there ready to play lets try to stay on point. Also keep your chat in the proper channels

- Language.  I really don't care how you talk you want to talk in four letter language, that's fine but lets keep the prejudice language out.  Also there is no need to demean or ridicule another player OOC.


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