Character Creation



Stat Generation 26 point buy 

Starting Level 3 or Avg party lvl

Starting Wealth 500pp (200pp for replacements)

Playable Races
Core, Standard, Featured, and Uncommon races. However, nothing bigger than a medium sized creature.

Classes and Archetypes
There are only a few limitations on classes or archetypes, nothing that is Sci/Fi no nanites or tech or android something or rather.   Firearms are in the early stage and are rare in the world.

However, before you min/max something broken.

CHICANERY LORE:There is something odd in the planar alignments of Chicanery. People have reported seeing overpowered Doppelgangers.  Summoners have reported summoned creatures turning on and destroying entire parties.

Feats Feats are adjustable at any long rest for the first level of play.

We will be using the background skill rules

Characters start with 2 traits, and a third if you take a drawback. Traits&Drawbacks

Character Creation

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