The Beginning

Welcome to Chicanery

its Life 50 in Chicanery and the portal is opened.  People are flocking to Hammerston coming in through the portal and some hoping to leave Chicanery.  A small group has come through the portal looking for BA Inc hoping to begin a life as adventurers.  After finding the Office and talking to Jon, the owner and founder of BA, the group finds out one of the lost BA Groups was in Arley working when they went missing.  The Group decides to go manage the BA office in Arley. 


Once they arrive in Arley the group meets Granno the Drunk Chief of Arley.  After speaking with him about the last group from BA the group is pointed in the direction of the Dark Institute and Shrise.  Shrise, points them in the direction of a temple found in the Jungle.  That was the last place that the BA group was seen alive around Life 36.  They were investigating the planar anomalies around Chicanery.  Shrise says that reports are that while investigating they ran into a demon that slaughtered some of them and drug the others unwillingly into a planar portal.  Shrise introduces the group to a half-orc named Sledge who can guide them into the Darkwood Jungle to where the temple is located.

Darkwood Jungle

Enroute to the Temple the group encounters a pard of unusual cats ranging from the avg size for jungle cats to an Alpha that was the size of a large horse.  The BA group manages to deal with the large cats and skins them taking trophies.  They Find the temple that seems oddly empty and void of furniture save a stone ring on an alter in the front of the temple.  Investigation shows that there has been blood sacrifice made at the temple and further attempting to break the alter spills blood from underneath the alter activating the portal.  

Clint explores the portal finding a torture chamber inside with no doors or windows but dead humanoids in various states of dismemberment.  He and sledge begin removing the bodies to provide them with a proper burial.  Upon dropping the dead bodies on the alter the portal gives birth to a Demon that comes through looking for those who have summoned him.  A fight ensues and the party makes relative short work of the Demon and they remove its wings and horns as trophies.  The group barricades the temple with large rocks and sets camp there for the night.

The Beginning

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