Chicanery Lore



A collection of lore from Chicanery that is widely found to be common knowledge.

Timeline  The Settling of Chicanery has been going on for 19 years.  Now it's becoming more and more common to find adults that where born and raised in Chicanery.  The cities where establish as such; Hammerston Year 3, Arley year 3, Hewn year 5,  Grant year 6 and Gold Coast year 15. 

Tax Revolt  It was in year 15 that Jack Harris tried to make his move and set himself as the Lord of Chicanery.  His expectation was that most people would welcome the stable government and a small show of force would cause the others to fall in line.  It was a mass revolt.  No one accepted his proposed rule or taxes.  All of the settlements rose up against what guards he had sent, and he had not sent enough anywhere.  he was spread to thin and was to overconfident being the only "Born Noble" in Chicanery. The aid he expected was not there.  He expected the Academy to offer Arcane assistants, they did not.  He expected the Coliseum to offer men, but they did not.  And he was sure that at least one of the settlements would fall in line, none of them did.

Chicanery Year  There three moons in the sky above Chicanery all three on different cycles so the settlers have abandoned a lunar calendar.  The Calendar in Chicanery is based on the short year Chicanery has.  Giving it a three a season calendar.  Which has been adopted from the local nomads.  There is Birth Life and Death each of which is 70 days.

Chicanery Day Cycle  Days are another awkward thing in Chicanery a day has 15 hours of daylight and 15 hours of darkness and most nights there is more than one moon in the sky.  Therefore the surface rarely falls bellow twilight.  There are two nights a year, called "Full Night" by the natives, in which there are no moons in the night sky and darkness is a magical absolute.  This happens on about Birth 60 and then again on Death 25.   

Three Moons  There are three Moons in the sky above Chicanery.  These moons are named after the three seasons. The Largest moon that glows a bright white is called Birth.  The medium sized moon that glows a faint green is called Life.  The smallest moon that glows a dim gray is called Death.

Nomadic Religion  The nomads of Chicanery are devout and worship in one of two ways.  First and most common is ancestral worship.  More rare is the worship of the elements or nature.   Both connections seem to provide the nomads with a great deal of divine or arcane power.  Making their shamans and priests the equals of any Golarian spell caster.

Planes  Chicanery often suffers planar anomalies.   People have reported seeing overpowered Doppelgangers and random beasts appearing from nowhere.  Summoners have reported summoned creatures turning on and destroying entire parties.


Chicanery Lore

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