Sheriff of Grant


Medium Height and weight He always has his eyes slightly squinted which over the years has caused deep wrinkles around his eyes. He keeps his black hair trimmed short above his ears and has mustache that covers his upper lip and curls down around the sides of his mouth. He wears a simple leather armor with an iron star he had crafted signifying that he is Sheriff. He carries a pair of double barrelled pistols that many people attribute to his ingenuity


The Word is that Skorn once worked as the captain of the guard for a noble back in Golarion. However on his watch the nobles wife was killed by a would be burglar even though he found and brought the burglar to justice. The Noble in his grief stripped Skold of his title and put out an edict declaring to the neighboring nobles that Skold was incompetent and unworthy of any level of responsibility. Skold left to start a life as farmer in Chicanery to disappear. He wasnt in Chicanery long when the guard from Hammerston was sent to collect tax from the farmers of Grant Skold made a stand and the people stood with him and so by the hand of fate he became expected to be the protector of the farmers and hence forth the Sheriff of Grant.


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