Dark Institute Sorceror


Shrise is short for a half orc but very intelligent. She has a shaved head and a tribal tatoo on the side of her head. She looks like she is always angry even when she is happy. She has learned to carry herself in a very intimidating manner because the orcs and half orcs don’t generally respect women.


Shrise was brought out Chicanery as a teen by her orc parents. Around that same time she discovered her arcane gifts. At first she was rejected for the magic she could do then she was feared. A human wizard named Jensen took her under his wing. He is the person that originally established the Dark Institute. He was a wanted man back in the old world and smuggled himself into Chicanery via planar teleportation. He was eventually hunted down and killed for a bounty that was on his head. In the power vacuum Shrise rose to power.


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