Jack Harris

Lord of Hammerston


Tall and average as far as humans go. Jack has medium length brown hair and keeps his face shaved. He usually wheres a blue cloak over whatever Noble attire or armor he is wearing. He also keeps family sword on his hip. He carries himself with an air of confidence. He has learned over the course of a privileged life how to rule with money and power.


Currently Jack Harris is the sitting lord of Hammerston. Jack Harris is a tall Human who invested his family estate and holdings in Hammerston believing Chicanery would be a booming revolutionary new world. He is a strong and firm leader backed by his family money and a guard force the size of a small army. He rules through strength and power as it has to be in Chicanery. He is at odds with the other lords as recently he tried to implement a tax on all the other havens. The other Havens refused and when he couldn’t force his will on them he implemented a stringent tax on any goods passing through the gateway.

Jack Harris

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