Chief of Arley


A half orc heavy on the orc side. Granno is tall and heavy with large belly he has long black hair with a long braided beard. He usually wears a heavy Hide tunic belted under his large belly the hide is decorated with bright yellows and oranges in tribal design.


Granno actually grew up in Golarian with his human mother and step father thetreated him well but of course society did not. he was outcast and picked on for being half orc and fat he would be strong enough to shut the mouth of any one kid but when its all of them all he could do is take it. He came to Chicanery hoping to find a new world where people were equals when he got here. He fell into a leadership role speaking better common than the orcs that where already settling the south he took the title of chief at the edge of a blade from the human mayor that was set in Arley. he now runs Arley more like an orc tribe than a human settlement.


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