Chicanery is a plane that was discovered by the Riftwardens. Chicanery is rich with fertile soil, mineral resources, wildlife and magic. It is largely uninhabited by civilized species but has sporadic nomadic tribes of the already known races of Golarion. The natives speak a crude form of common and so far seem to be widely accepting of the Golarions that have begun settling in Chicanery. Hammerston is the largest settlement. Developed around the gateway to this plane that is periodically opened by the Riftwardens. Due to the unpredictable schedule of the opening and closing of the portal there is little influence from Golarion organizations or governments. Most of the settlers to Chicanery are those of adventuring spirit or simply have little or no ties in Golarion. This gives a fresh start to many of the settlers and adventurers. The perfect place to make a name or lose their old name.

Chicanery Frontier